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Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion was officially established on the 27th of January, 2008 at MingDao University in Central Taiwan. It was the beginning of cooperation and collaboration among groups of the organic communities in Taiwan. This cooperation symbolized how the Taiwanese organic community is persistent with fairness, justice and care of the society, how itdefends the health and welfare of the people, and how it strives hard for the protection of ecosystems and the sustainability of our island.

Achievements of ATOAP

ATOAP held training courses for organic farmers, organic eco-school conferences, organic eco-school summer camp for children, organic certification guidance training courses, and training courses for inspectors. Total participants from these events are approximately seven hundreds.
On 11 November 2009, ATOAP held the first "National Organic Day" and a series of nationwide consumer promotion activities in Taiwan.
In December 2008, we invited Katherine DiMatteo, President of IFOAM visit Taiwan, where she gave a speech to organic participants.In 2009, we have signed memorandum with Hanoi University of Agriculture in Vietnam to cooperate and train more organic experts in East Asia area. Furthermore, we curently cooperate with HDI and MOFA, Taiwan to help victims of Vietnam War grow mushrooms. The purpose of this work is to increase income, help solve poverty and assist with the continued work to remove mines.
While the Taiwan and Philippine government had established the "Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation" between the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office(TECO), we are also doing mutually beneficial and collaborative proposals with University of the Philippines. In additon, we also cooperated with MingDao University and Brunei Goverment to plan a long term project for high yield rice production. Moreover, in North Korea, we helped them develop potato growing and a process plan.

Aim of ATOAP

Today, the production methods of people have cast a huge effect on the enviromental ecosystem as a whole. If there were no persistence coming from the organic agricultural industry, our Earth will be doomed to go through a series of relentless devastaion.
ATOAP is formed with a group of enthusiastic, intelligent and merciful friends and this association actively calls for the awakening of the people.
We strive hard for the healthy ecosystem of Taiwan and work for the fairness and justice of the society.
The ultimate goal of this association is to construct Taiwan as a sustainable land of living.

Expection of ATOAP

The ultimate goal is to make Taiwan as an organic country; therefore, the primary work is to encourage the legislation of the law of promotion of organic industry. The emphasis of any future works will include:
1.The effective establishment of communication channels between producers and consumers
2.Promotion of internationalization of organic production sector and the healthy development of domestic organic sector
3.Promotion of the production and marketing, certification, advertising, ethical trading and the idea of organic life of domenstic organic sector
4.Research, demonstration and educational activity of organic sector
5.Encouragement will be made to groups and organizations to adopt the organic production system and exchange market information
6.The cooperation and information exchange between the association with specialized and academic institutions also be strengthened

Mission of ATOAP

Taiwan is in possession of the most exceptional agriculturist and agriculture technology in the world. This resource can be applied in the cooperation of the organic production sector and integration of information.
We hope all members of ATOAP will cooperate with anyone who cares for the conservation of ecosystems and food safety from every industry in Taiwan to fight and safeguard our piece of land. Also, we should stand together to protect the foundation of the establishment of our nation, the agriculture, especially when it comes to the organic community's international mission of "health, ecology, fainess and care.


The principle missions of the association:
1.Promoting the healthy development of the organic sector
2.Promoting the production with marketing,verification, promotion, ethical trading and organic life ideas of organic sector
3.Holding study, demonstration and educational activity of organic sector
4.Encouraging groups and organizations to adopt the organic production system and exchange market information
5.Strengthening the cooperation and information exchange between the association with either domestic or international specialized and academic institutions
6.Collecting relative information of organic sector and to publish academic and advertising publications
7.Conducting any matters concering rewards for the research development and advertising of the organic sector
8.Conducting any other matters concering the promotion fo the development of either domestic or international organic sector



Currently, members of the association include organic producers, consumers, processors, material suppliers, certifiers, marketing agents, importers and exporters, conservation groups, academic communities, government officials and students. The ultimate goal of ATOAP is to construct Taiwan as an organic nation.
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Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion

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