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2010 Taiwan Organic Inspector Trainings

2010 Taiwan Organic Inspector Trainings will be held this fall at Ming-Dao University, Taiwan from Oct.30 to Nov.05. For people heath and better future we sincerely invite you to participate this training.

This time IOIA will be our cosponsor, therefore the basic organic crop inspection course will follow IOIA’s curriculum requirement and focus on USDA National Organic Rule. From Oct.30 to Oct.31 will be two days of seminar instructing bio-dynamic farming and from Nov.01 to Nov. 05 will be four days of classroom instruction. The field trip will be at the sixed day of training. The course will include classroom instruction, working with bio-dynamic farming, inspecting organic plant, audit trail requirements, risk assessment, investigative skills, report writing, assessing nature resource, etc.


The 2010 Taiwan Organic Inspector Training courses are especially open to people from South-East countries who are now inspector trainees, certification agency staff, and regulatory agency staff. Attendance is limited to 25. If you are interested in this training, please send your registration before August 15, 2010.




This document is the companion document for the application of attending the following organic inspector trainings funded by National Science Council (NSC), Taiwan and implemented by MingDao University (MDU) held at:


MingDao University, Changhua, Taiwan. Date: Oct. 30 - Nov. 05, 2010.


All registration is through the MingDao University. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. CHEN Chih-Hao: [+886](4) 887-6660 ext.3702, fax: [+886](4) 887-6669, email:, or through regular mailing system: MingDao University /ATOAP, 369 Wenhua Rd., Peetow, Changhua 52345, Taiwan. Application forms and information can also be downloaded from the MingDao University website at




IOIA Organic Inspector Training courses are recommended for inspector trainees, certification agency staff, and regulatory agency staff who want to better understand the organic inspection and certification process and desire to be an independent international inspector. Certificates of Completion are given to those who meet acceptance criteria, attend all sessions, and receive passing grades on the required written assignments and tests. The course is rigorous, with some evening sessions.
Participants are mailed an acceptance package four to six weeks before the course and should allow several days to complete pre-course reading and assignments. Completed pre-course assignments must be emailed to MingDao University/ATOAP according to deadlines. The IFOAM/IOIA International Organic Inspection Manual and the USDA National Organic Program standards are the basis for the Crop course.


The Basic Organic Crop Inspection Training follows IOIA's curriculum requirements, with classroom instruction on the organic standards (focus on the USDA National Organic Rule); working with bio-dynamic farming; organic system plans; how to inspect organic farms; audit trail requirements; risk assessment; investigative skills; report writing; approved materials; assessing natural resource management; inspector conduct, confidentiality, and ethics; understanding the difference between inspecting and consulting; and effective communication.
The course also includes a field trip to a certified organic farm, a graded written assignment (inspection report), and final test. To receive a Certificate of Completion for the Basic courses, students must meet minimum course acceptance criteria, attend all sessions, complete the Pre-Course assignments, complete specific in-course assignments, and earn at least 75% on the test and written assignments.


Attendance to these courses is limited. Once you are accepted to the course, an instructional letter and curriculum materials including pre-course readings and assignments will be mailed to you (about 6 weeks prior to the training). Please plan to take the time to read these in full and to complete all pre-course assignments before attending the course. Inspector applicants to these trainings must meet the following acceptance criteria.


All Courses:
* Submission of complete application and resume.
* Fluency of the language in which the course is given (English).
* Demonstration of good communication skills (written, verbal and listening).
* Understanding of and commitment to enforcement of organic certification principles.
* Demonstration of continuing education.
* Appropriate physical and mental health.


Additional Course Acceptance Criteria
A minimum of 1 year training and/or 1 year experience in organic agriculture, with knowledge of conventional agricultural practices
Course materials will be mailed to you after acceptance to the course (about one month before the beginning of the course). All applications must be received by August-15, 2010. If there is any involuntary reason, MDU reserves the right to cancel or postpone the training course.
Those who were recommended by central government will be prioritized to considered for acceptance
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