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New Position for Taiwan Organic Leader
New Position for Taiwan Organic Leader
Professor Shih-Shuing Chen has recently been appointed the President of MingDao University in Taiwan. This appointment supports Professor Chen’s role as the Chair Professor of post Modern Agriculture at MingDao and the President of Taiwan’s peak Organic body the Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion (ATOAP).
“My new role will enable me to continue to develop the University as a leading institute in creating an Organic Taiwan.” Professor Chen explained. “We have recently held a successful conference introducing Biodynamic Agriculture to Taiwan, and are currently holding an International Organic Inspector’s Association’s (IOIA) recognized training program. The purpose is to maintain and support a high level of certified Organics throughout Asia.”  
Professor Chen gained worldwide recognition for creating his former University National Chung Hsing to an Organic Campus. To follow this tradition MingDao was just voted the ‘most beautiful’ campus in Taiwan by an independent media source.
“Our vision for Taiwan becoming an Organic country means a transformation in how we manage our landscapes. An Organic landscape should look beautiful, so we are proud of our attractive and peaceful organic campus. Our curriculum supports students learning in how we to change not only their own lives, but where they chose to work and Taiwan.”
To raise awareness and encourage the change required, ATOAP, MingDao and other supporting institutions, have declared the 11 November as national Organic day from 2009. “We encourage all nations to support this date as their national day of celebrating of Organic Agriculture.” encourages Professor Chen. “Hopefully it can be known as the ‘international day’ of celebrating the transformation of our planet to a more ecological, healthy, fair and careful way of farming and distributing food to all citizens.”
All enquiries to Professor Shih-Shiung Chen.
ph:                 886 8780026
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