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Taiwan, the best choice for the 2011 IFOAM world conference.

Taiwan, the best choice for the 2011 IFOAM world conference.

                          Proposal for Taiwan hosting
                 IFOAM 2011 International Conference
               The 17th IFOAM Organic World Congress
                     June 18-24, 2011 in Taipei Taiwan!
                         Towards a sustainable World
Taiwan possesses a robust market economy, which belies its relatively small population (23 Million) and scant natural resources. The world’s 19th largest economy is home to a world-renowned high-tech sector. Furthermore, with one of the highest per capita GDP and household disposable income rates in Asia, Taiwan has become a very attractive consumer market for organic product exporters all over the world.
Agriculture accounted for less than 2 percent of Taiwan's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2006. Taiwan imports $9.35 billion Agricultural products in 2005.  Organic growers, now more than 10,000 -- and a significant presence in Taiwan's fruit and vegetable industry -- are experiencing rapid growth nationwide as interest in healthier food continues to spread from local farmers' markets to major supermarkets across the country. But growers are not nearly keeping pace with consumer demand for organic products, estimated to be expanding by 200 % a year. According to local industry estimates, the market is worth more than $40 million USD, virtually all of which is imported.
Taiwan government is now dedicating to organic agriculture, because this farming system protects the environment and produces natural foods. To propagate and create public awareness about the importance and benefits of organic farming, we would like to propose the 17th IFOAM OWC be held in Taipei, Taiwan, 18 to 24 June 2011. A unique opportunity for permaculture practitioners to stay abreast of new technical developments in the quickly-evolving arena of organic agriculture and a fantastic chance to demonstrate the value of permaculture in the design of truly sustainable enterprises to the organic community on a global stage.
As one of the economic powers in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the world, Taiwan is strategically located at the heart of Asia and ideally positioned to further growth and expansion.
Dynamically emerging as the region new trade capital, Taipei is well equipped to meet the complex demands of the 21st Century.
Towards a sustainable World was chosen as the motto for the Congress to highlight the role of organic agriculture in sustaining healthy, vibrant society. 
Proposed Congress and GA Venue: Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
The most exciting news will be, the 17th IFOAM OWC and GA will be held in conjunction with the Taipei International Food exhibition 2011, an annual event that held in 2nd half of the month of June.  We will take advantage of this marvellous event to arrange An “IFORM Pavilion” in the show so as for all participants of IFOAM OWC to promote its products/ services in the exhibition.  All IFORM OWC Participants/Exhibitors will receive full market support services from ATOAP
ATOAP – Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion- is a nationwide established association in Taiwan.

TAIWAN is again official State member of IFOAM

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